Is your desk your entire family’s pit stop spot that continuously accepts all the “run-off” from everyone’s daily activities?  Perhaps for the whole week?  The month?

To the point where you can’t actually USE your desk and have had to move your operation elsewhere??

It’s time to reclaim YOUR SPACE and here’s how:

  • Remove everything, yes everything, from your desk. All the files, the bits of paper, the hundreds of receipts, the business cards, unopened mail and paperclips too.
  • Start sorting and categorizing all the paper, and more, on a large surface. The floor works, as does the kitchen table or counter or a folding table. Keep the wastebasket close-by.
  • Start tossing! You missed that 2016 lecture that you wanted to attend. Your child’s soccer season is long over so why do you need last semester’s practice schedule? You saved your child’s report card electronically so lose the paper one.
  • Now, put back what you need to keep, in a mindful and meaningful way. Create vertical files with labels that make sense to you. In fun colors that appeal to you. Place paperclip holders and other supplies where you can easily reach them, on the right if you are right-handed. Really think it through so that your tidied space works for YOU.
  • Draw a line in the sand with your family. They need to find THEIR OWN space for their papers and such. Help them find/create their own nook, so that yours is left intact.

Don’t you feel better? More settled, more organized, ready for life’s rigors? Your desk belongs to YOU again….congratulations…you did it!