Get comfortable, relax and allow yourself to create a mental image of how you would like your home or office to look—orderly and organized, right? In your mind, what is there? What isn’t? Do you like the things surrounding you? How do you feel in this new space?

Keeping your eyes closed, now think about the projects that are important for you to complete. Then, pick just one project and focus on it. Really focus on it. Imagine that project completed…finished…done! What does this feel like? Look like?

Whatever you do, hang onto these thoughts and feelings of things being “right,” as they are your foundation, your starting point and the key to your organizational success, and even your contentment.

Now, think about how to get there. You’ll need to create a roadmap, with a detailed list of specific to-dos, a schedule, plus you’ll need to carve out the time to make it happen. And it will take time.

We wish you every success.

Just remember that we are here to help, if you get stuck.