A couple of hours spent now, in 2016, could not only improve your 2016 tax picture, but also greatly reduce stress in the New Year! Before the calendar turns over:

  • Call your accountant! What can she/he suggest to give you the biggest bang for your buck in 2016?
    • Are there new 2016 tax laws that affect you?
    • Do you need to sell stocks before year-end? Defer income? Gift a family member?
    • Should you buy a new computer now or in 2017 instead?
    • Make charitable donations in 2016? Write checks to your favorite charities, donate old clothes and toys? (Remember to get a receipt.)
  • Have you taken full advantage of your flexible spending account? Do you need to order glasses, contact lenses or other in 2016?
  • File your important tax documents in separate files and by category so that you won’t face a colossal paper pile in January.
  • Spot-check bank statements and accounts like MINT or Quicken. Are your purchases streaming their way into your computer?

We are here to help with your tax paper organizing. Just give us a ring or drop us an email!