Being organized is KEY to not feeling frantic or overwhelmed this holiday season. Here are a few tips to make your holidays merrier, and stress-free too:

  • It’s the perfect time to clear your desk, de-clutter your closets and under your bed (for gift storage), and make the extra space needed for the coming month, and for family and friends who visit. Clear your counters, cabinets, pare down your coat closets… get ready!
  • Don’t forget to donate the things in 2016 that you have eliminated from your life, so as to appreciate the tax benefit (if your accountant advises it). Some charities will pick-up at your home. One less stop for you!
  • Check your supplies now! Do you have ample wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, lights for the tree, extension cords, candles, etc. to make your holidays bright?
  • Brainstorm on paper first, by collecting all of your holiday thoughts (and worries) in one small notebook, not on random sticky notes around your home. Be sure to include family, friends, teachers and business gifts needed, thoughts on where to purchase them and deadlines involved (the office party or the last day of school before the holidays), and the dreaded holiday card task.
  • Get your house spiffed up. Hire a pro or consider partnering with friends. It’s more fun to clean someone else’s home than your own.
  • Don’t forget about you! Do you have a holiday dress that fits, do the matching shoes need repair, do you have both earrings in your jewelry box and the requisite red lipstick? If not, add these things to the list. Ditto on children’s holiday sweaters, party dresses or blazers.
  • Food & Drink:  Think simplicity! Choose a couple of easy pre-made and frozen hors d’oeuvres or keep the do-it-yourself ingredients on-hand for impromptu holiday cheer. Don’t forget the wine, non-alcoholic beverages and holiday cocktail napkins too. Think about preparing and freezing easy family meals for the month ahead, like chili or stews. Bake cookies and store in plastic containers in your cool garage. Now is the time!

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