…in making my family’s cross country move seamless this past summer.

Sarah and I started with establishing my goals for the move.
1) For Sarah to meet our moving truck when it arrived in CT and to set up the house prior to our arrivakl.
2) To make it that my family could leave one home and arrive into their new HOME (as apposed to a new house) and go to sleep on the first night in their own beds and to have it feel like their own room.

We moved from California to Connecticut.

Sarah and I communicated multiple times in advance of the move to create a spreadsheet of all phases of the move and a division of labor. Sarah was methodical, experienced and insightful. She took on not only the detail work for the move, but also the big picture. Strategy and Tactics!

Prior to the move, Sarah helped with a monster spreadsheet which itemized, quite literally, every item of furniture, art, lighting and floor coverings that I own from its original place to its intended place in our new house.

Sarah naturally was the lead on the project, but she also hired pros to help on the day of the move. Sarah selected specialists for organization, for design, for heavy lifting, for cleaning and bed making, etc.

When the day of the move came, Sarah and her team were ready! They each knew what the plan was so clearly and they all executed beautifully.

How do I know? Well, my family arrived after midnight on the same day as the moving truck. They arrived to a house that was 95% unpacked and set up as our home.Even the boxes and wrapping paper had been removed. Beds were made, furniture was in place, the entire kitchen was unpacked and set up, clothes were hung in closets and in drawers,  food was in the fridge (Sarah had suggested that basic food necessities be delivered that day)  Everyone slept like we had lived here for years.

As the final piece of moving support, Sarah arranged for a professional art hanger to come the week after we moved to get all of our artwork professionally and capably hung in the house.

Moving 3000 miles never felt so good as with Sarah Strader at the helm!

I couldn’t recommend Sarah and her Solutions more highly if I tried!”

Aoife M., New Canaan, CT