“An unexpected change in my family’s life resulted in me needing to plan to vacate my home of 20 years, where I have raised four children.  I needed to get rid of so many of my children’s and other possessions  and deal with what remained, as I prepared for my relocation to become a reality.

Having used a group of organizers in the past, I knew that this time I needed a more personal approach to my purging.  I needed someone to really go through the process with me, who would not mind a few tears along the way.  Sarah Strader of Sarah’s Solutions was exactly what was called for at this difficult time of transition for me.

Sarah was always on time and ready to work with me with a game plan in mind, making for efficiency as we progressed.  Sarah personally removed items that could be donated, recycled or consigned, delivered them to their designated locations and then supplied me with photos, receipts and itemizations for my records.

As I continue to go through this process in the home that I am leaving,  Sarah is always available for follow-up conversations regarding items that I earmarked, months ago, for removal and that I must now address.

I can honestly say that I could not have gone through the purging process with anyone but Sarah Strader.”

Signed, An extremely satisfied and grateful client in Connecticut