Sarah and her assistant recently “unearthed” 11 boxes of books, totaling 189

titles, from her Client’s storage room. Sarah then photographed each antique

and leather bound book for her New York book dealer’s careful evaluation.


Alas, while the books looked as if they could be valuable, this was a classic case

of, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”


Result: A sizable tax deduction for her Client (and 11 boxes of unwanted books

out of her Client’s storage room, and life!).


Her Client said:

“Sarah was such a big help in clearing this clutter. We had been paying to store

these books for some time because we weren’t sure of their value. Sarah

obtained an expert valuation for us quickly. Although it was disappointing to find

out that they didn’t have much value after all, it was great to get rid of them

without reservations or regrets.”

Karen F., East Hampton, NY