With Vermont, New Hampshire, the Berkshires and Catskills bracing for a foot plus of snow today and into tomorrow, start making plans NOW for your ski get-away this weekend!
We have a ski weekend packing solution for you: 
This clear bin (or any large bin) with a sealing lid holds your family’s clothing for the weekend, with each child having his/her own stack of clothes and supplies.  (You’ll need another bin if there are more than three of you and separate ski packs, for everyone, of course.)
Your clothes and supplies will stay DRY, clean and perfect, whether the bin is on a snowy driveway or parking lot,  in your car’s wet hatch-back or on your condo or inn’s outside stairs.
Each stack of clothing slips beautifully into a bureau drawer.
Important:  Keep the slippers, socks and toiletries that you will need upon arrival right on top,
for easy access.
So get packing, dust off your skis and get ready to place them on the roof of your car once Friday rolls around. Ready, set, go!
Enjoy it all!