Most of us freely admit that we own too much STUFF. Gadgets given to us at that the holidays that don’t really serve us, scarves never worn, objects that we don’t display, only to be pulled out of hiding when the gift giver visits.


Do we appreciate these gifts that we have received? Yes! Do they perhaps clutter-up our closets, our lives, perhaps even cause us to feel guilty? Yes! Have we ever re-gifted? Yes! (Sssshh!)




*Give them yourself: YOU! Jot them a note about a special lunch or dinner that you will share, their chosen restaurant, as an opportunity for you to connect in the New Year. Give your labor (two hours in their garden, doing the heavy lifting), your time (of babysitting so they can enjoy time alone) or your talents (your homemade meal delivered to their door on their busiest night).


*Give them something consumable: THE best chocolate for a friend who loves sweets, or consider baking, if that’s your thing. For cheese lovers: a gift certificate to a cheese shop. For friends that enjoy cooking: gourmet olive oils, perhaps coupled with some recipes.


*Give them something living, but with a limited lifespan: A beautiful amaryllis or paperwhites…something that won’t take-up counter space indefinitely, but that they will enjoy now.


*Give them something charitable: Is there a cause that you know they support, where perhaps they donate their time? Would they like a brick with their names on it at their child’s school? Bulbs planted in their family’s honor at a park? Would they like their church to benefit from your kindness?


*Give them something experiential: Theatre or concert tickets for a performance that they will enjoy, a museum subscription, a trip to an adventure park, an hour or day at a spa, a gift to store that they love—think local! Even a gift certificate for Sarah’s Solutions—home and office organizing, to lighten the load for them in 2018, so they can experience the, “Ahhhhhhh…it’s done!” feeling.


Dig deep as you think about your friends and family! Give them what you know they love, what they will use or utilize, but that won’t take up space in their homes and lives. And don’t forget to dress-up your gift, if only an envelope. They are special to you, and you want them to feel that.


Happy Holidays!