…on October 29, 2012, our yacht club on Long Island was slammed by Storm Sandy and its almost eight foot storm surge. Our neighbors’ homes were devastated, with our “little bit of heaven” damaged beyond comprehension.  Long Beach was decimated.

Our hearts bled.

At our club, what could we do but band together, and start working?!  We all hauled, dragged, bleached.  I spent the late fall, and into the following spring and summer, redesigning the club’s kitchen and bathrooms, sourcing supplies, fixtures and appliances, working with a myriad of contractors, and trucking materials from CT, given the shortage of supplies on LI.  The men, in the meantime, among many other heavy-duty jobs, masterminded and rebuilt the docks…something I have likened to building the pyramids.

Five years later, I remain proud of our Long Island neighbors, who rebuilt their homes and lives.  I continue to respect our dedicated club members, and my family, all of whom gave so much to rebuild our humble club, and proving:  good really can come out of disaster.