It’s that time of year when many of us find ourselves feeling disorganized, even though we are supposed to be feeling relaxed! With kids and family coming and going, frequent barbeques and parties, and you name it (!)…not to mention the loss of rhythm without school in session.

It’s all good until there is a forgotten dentist appointment (“I went to the park with the kids and completely forgot about it!”), the sunscreen is left at home (“I left it by the door and I walked right past it!”) or the hungry family at noon, when there is no food in sight on the beach (“Well, I had planned to pack a lunch but…”)

SIMPLE TIPS to keep things running smoothly:

~REVIEW your calendar several times a week….don’t count on your memory…it’s impossible this time of year! Note highlights of the week with neon Post-its on your kitchen counter for all to see.

~TRY to maintain some sort of routine sleep schedule for the kids and yourself…not an easy task! But what’s worse than a tired and cranky family?!

~SET ASIDE an hour each week to get your house back on track! Reduce your piles, pay your bills, put toys away and let your kids help with the process. Try to remember that everything has its place, even this time of year.

~SHOP as needed for food, as plans often change, and quickly, leaving a refrigerator full of food that ultimately gets tossed. Do stock-up on non-perishables and freezer food, however.

~CLEANING & LAUNDRY: So many clothing changes for so many events! Try to stay somewhat abreast of it all. And dispense with guilt associated with hiring extra help to get it all done!

~DAY TRIPS: Pack everything the NIGHT BEFORE and be sure to include things like pain reliever, insect repellent, after-sting swabs, even instant ice packs (in fact, a small first-aid kit for the car is even better), hats for all, sunscreen, snacks, appropriate footwear, a blanket or towel for sitting on the sand or ground, a beach umbrella to provide shade, water bottles for all, swim suits and diapers, plastic bags for wet suits, cash for snacks when the food truck guy doesn’t take plastic, quarters for parking meters, games for the car ride to and from your destination, and a book for you to enjoy as the kids play.

~LUNCH ON-THE-GO: Make sandwiches the night before! If you’re afraid that mayo might make your sandwich soggy overnight, spoon a couple of tablespoons into a plastic bag, keep cold, and spread it on sandwiches, right before lunch. Don’t forget plastic cutlery, paper plates, and napkins. Place your cooler on the kitchen counter, or right in front of the door, so that you can’t possibly miss it on the morning of your departure. Be sure cold packs are freezing overnight!

~SCHOOL: Still a few weeks away, thankfully. If possible, try to secure school supply lists now and shop before everyone else does!   Then it’s done and you can go back into R&R mode! And don’t forget summer reading…just a little each day…and join your kids with YOUR book.


Here’s to you enjoying every last bit of summer!

Cheers from Sarah at Sarah’s Solutions