sarah's solutions, home
  • Paring down and de-cluttering
  • Delivery and documentation of donations
  • Home inventories and management
  • Tax paper organization
  • Insurance filing and appeals


  • Downsizing and relocation services
  • Transitions for seniors
  • Manage home renovations
  • Event planning and document writing


sarah solutions, office
  • General office organization
  • Implementing filing systems
  • Streamlining office procedures

About Sarah’s Solutions

Sarah Strader founded Sarah’s Solutions, LLC in Spring 2016, with “organization” as her overriding passion during her 25+ professional years.

As a former TV commercial producer, creator of a successful stationery design and distribution company and commodore of a yacht club, Sarah has worked collaboratively and independently on countless projects, bringing order to any job at hand.

With strong writing and communication skills, she and her associates are client-focused, task-centered, numbers savvy, value oriented, creative, research-ready and discreet.

sarah strader

What People Are Saying

  • Sarah arrived to my filing mess in December and reorganized my personal and business systems so beautifully that it now makes sense and I can find everything! Her combination of intelligence and experience allowed her to understand my needs and make executive decisions without undue fuss. She is easy to work with, warm and encouraging. Sarah now works with me on a regular basis, to keep me on track.

    Audrey L. Consultant, Wilton, CT
  • As Sarah’s personal tax accountant for 30 years, she sorts and tallies hundreds of receipts for her home, business and rental property and presents me with a 5-page itemized list of EVERYTHING. Do yourself and your CPA a favor and hire Sarah to get your tax or other paperwork in order.

    Judith H. Accountant, NYC
  • Sarah helped relocate her father-in-law into our independent living facility. She simultaneously managed her mother’s medical evacuation from the Midwest to a nursing home, then hospice. She solely interfaced with doctors and administrators, managed her mother’s air ambulance transport, insurance, house sale and legal issues. Any adult child would be lucky to have Sarah’s help with a parent’s transition to the next stage of life.

    Ann C. Administrator, CT
  • After Hurricane Sandy hit our Yacht Club, not only did Sarah haul and drag debris, but she re-designed our Club’s kitchen and bathrooms, choreographed the purchase of building supplies and fixtures, worked with contractors and even had materials trucked from CT to LI. She was amazing!

    Tom M. Commodore, Lawrence, NY
  • This terrific woman transformed the absolute chaos in my home and office into something that looks like photos in a magazine. So pleasant to have around, she even whistles while she works.

    Nancy A. Business Owner, Redding, CT

How We Work

Our work with you is driven by your unique needs. Begin by emailing or calling us to describe what you would like to have organized or accomplished.

We are happy to work with you to assess your situation, answer your questions, and provide you with our estimate and timetable. Then, we work in tandem with you, or independently… whichever you prefer.

Where We Work

We are based and work primarily in Fairfield County. However, we are happy to travel in the tri-state area, and beyond, to fulfill your needs.

Wherever you are, we can help organize your life, not only on-site at your home or office, but virtually, as well.